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26" Dripping In Gold Eucalyptus Centerpiece

$38.00 $28.50

A holiday room is never complete without a table topper that shines. Designed to exude winter season charm, our Dripping In Gold Eucalyptus Centerpiece includes perfectly hand-placed branches of gold dipped leaves. It is just the joy-filled decor item to fill the holidays with radiance.

  • The perfect finishing touch to a room, our Country Harvest Centerpiece is full of traditional festive holiday joy. Truly a classic winter season decor piece, the country inspired high-quality foliage is beautifully enhanced with bright red berries, pine cones, and twigs. This 26-inch centerpiece is effortlessly tasteful.

    • 26"
    • Handcrafted
    • Eucalyptus Leaves

    Upon Arrival

    Carefully sever the cable ties that secure the wreath and gently extract it from the box.

    Maintenance Guidelines

    • To preserve its condition, avoid exposing the wreath to moisture, direct sunlight, or excessive heat, as these elements can cause the materials to lose color and become brittle.
    • When mounting the wreath on a door, make sure to secure it at two points to prevent any movement when the door is opened or closed.
    • When storing the wreath, loosely wrap it in tissue paper and place it in a flat position within the original shipping box or a box of similar size.
    • By giving it proper attention, this wreath is anticipated to maintain its appeal for a span of 6-12 months.

    Shipping information

    Shipping will occur 1-2 business days after an order is received and you can expect to wait 5-7 business days to receive the item.

    Sincere Price Approach

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    $28.50 Zaina Home | $64.12 Estimated Retail

    26" Dripping In Gold Eucalyptus Centerpiece

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Dripping In Gold Eucalyptus Centerpiece

Crafted With Excellence

A bright and bold holiday decor item, our Dripping In Gold Eucalyptus Centerpiece is made by hand, to meet the highest of standards. To ensure the longevity of this piece, we use only the best construction methods and source materials from regional suppliers. Each branch of this sweeping wreath is placed with care and attention to detail.  

The Foliage In Detail

A shimmering centerpiece, the lush eucalyptus leaves have been expertly painted in gold. The gold color gives off an ideal winter season aurora while the fine lines of each leaf feel natural and lifelike.

  • Ultra-realistic
  • Handcrafted
  • Support Small Businesses

  • Eucalyptus Leaves

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